SpaceCadet Inc

Natural (Undyed) Yarn

Sold out.

Sending out undyed yarn feels, well, a little odd to us (we're dyers, after all!) but if you want to incorporate a little naturally-coloured yarn in your SpaceCadet project, then we can make that happen!

We carefully wash and rinse every undyed skein to remove the mill-dust and allow the fibers to bloom.  And then we twist and tag it so it looks just as lovely as all the other yarns we send out!

Important note: you'll see all of these yarns are listed as "dyed to order", because that's the wording that makes sense for all our regular (dyed) yarns, but of course we're not actually dyeing these yarns, just taking a little time to wash and process them so they and clean and bloom beautifully for you.