SpaceCadet Inc

Prism Break Collection

Every time we go to a yarn show, we notice the same odd phenomenon happen again and again: customers are drawn to our rainbow of colours, they pick up a bright skein and fall in love with it, and then talk themselves out of it and buy grey instead.  Over and over and over.

Now, I get it: grey is lovely.  And it's safe.  But if it's rainbows that are calling out to you and yet you're not quite ready to go full-on rainbow bright...  well, we decided to do a little something to help you out there!

So we blended those bold hues with subdued greys to create our Prism Break Collection: twelve amazing colourways that let you embrace the rainbow in a more subtle way.  Choose the bright Radiant spectrum or the more muted Deep spectrum and just cast on -- the grey background allows each colourway to flow seamlessly into the next.

Our Prism Break Colourways are currently in stock on the following yarns:

(or you can order them to be dyed on Astrid, Celeste, Elara, Ester, Lyra, Oriana, or Vega)