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Fred, While You're Up...

Rich, deep, and muted

Beautifully coordinates with:


The Story Behind This Colourway's Name:

So, first, you need to know that the green-khaki coordinating colour was already named "Yes Dear" by the SpaceCadet crew because it goes so beautifully with our colourway "Honey" (see what we did there? 😉😁). I mentioned that in the newsletter and Evelyn replied with this suggestion:
"Name suggestion for the yarn next to 'Yes, Dear': 'Fred, While You're Up...' I know it sounds like a goofy name for a yarn color, but had to pass it along. My great-grandmother was known for looking down to the other end of the dining room table during big family meals and saying to my great-grandfather (who was contentedly seated and eating his dinner): 'Fred, while you're up...' and then directing him to fetch something from the kitchen. My husband doesn't find it quite as funny as I do, but he still gets to hear it a few times a year as a joke."
I honestly think that's one of the funniest name suggestions I've heard all year!

Fred, While You're Up... is currently in stock on the following yarns:

(or you can order it to be dyed on any base!)