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Summer 2021 Limited Editions

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All About Blush...

Our Summer 2021 Limited Editions

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"There are two kinds of beach people: party beach people and zen beach people."

That was from my sister, a few years ago on a week's stay the beach.  We were at a party beach... and it turns out I'm very much a zen beach person, so the whole week felt a little off.  I did all the things that everyone else was doing, because there's real value in the camaraderie of a week spent with people you love.  

But in the off hours, when no one was about, I'd find myself sneaking off to be alone with the beach.  Sitting high in the dunes, amongst the tall beach grasses, and digging my toes into the sand.  Watching the sun set the sky ablaze as the beach faded into shades of blush.  The pink streaks across the last of the blue sky.  The soft grey shadows in the dunes.  And the silence broken only by the meditative sound of the waves breaking down on the shoreline below.

The colours of those zen moments are etched into my memory.  

And now, those same colours have come to life for you in our Summer Limited Edition Collection.  Six colourways created to reflect the quietest beach moments -- when the whole world turns to stunning shades of blush -- and dyed onto gorgeous yarns for the most delightful of summer projects.

Open for Pre-Orders Now!
Dyeing Day is Aug 6th

These Limited Edition colourways are available for a limited time only, in very limited quantities, and are open for pre-orders now

Their initial Dyeing Day will be will August 6, with delivery as soon as they are dry and twisted.  And they'll be closing with the season's change, so if you love them as much as we do, be sure to place your order now! 

Very Important:

  • Quantities are very limited (especially on certain yarns). If the listing says "Dyed to Order", the yarn is available for pre-orders.  When it is no longer available, the listing will be changed to "Sold Out"
  • Pre-Orders will close on August 4 (or when quantities run out) and all orders after this time will go into our normal dyeing queue to be dyed and sent out in our normal timeframe.

First your colourway, then your yarn

There are six gorgeous colourways to choose from, so start there first.  Then pick your yarn from the options below: there are the most incredibly luxurious fibers to choose from, including silk, linen, alpaca, bamboo and merino.   Select your combos from the dropdown menu and you're all set!

The Yarns

Luxury Fingerings

New Yarn! Callisto is a breathtaking fingering in 50% Alpaca, 25% Silk, and 25% Linen.  Luxurious, light, and deliciously soft, you seriously don’t want to miss this!
Fiber Content: 50% Alpaca, 25% Silk, and 25% Linen; 3-ply
Weight: Fingering; Each skein is approximately 3.5oz/100g, and the yarn contains approximately 435 yards per 100g
Maia simply is breathtaking!
With 80% bamboo, its sheen is divine and its drape is just incredible -- it hangs like a waterfall and swings and sways as you move.  And the way Maia takes colour gives it an amazing "iced" appearance that is nothing short of head-turning!
Fiber Content: 80% Bamboo, 20% Superwash Merino; 4-ply
Weight: Fingering;  Each skein is approximately 3.5oz/100g, and the yarn contains approximately 400 yards per 100g
Merino Fingerings
Celeste is a smooth and light yarn that gives an incredibly generous 490yds per skein.
Fiber Content: 100% Superwash Merino; 3-ply
Weight: Fingering; Each skein is approximately 3.5oz/100g, and the yarn contains approximately 490 yards per 100g
Oriana is an sock twist fingering yarn with 8 plies that give extra strength and durability.
Fiber Content: 90% Superwash Merino, 10% Nylon; 8-ply
Weight: Fingering;  Each skein is approximately 3.5oz/100g, and the yarn contains approximately 420 yards per 100g
Heavier Yarns
Lyra (leer-a or lie-ra) is beautifully spoingy yarn that's a joy to use.  Named for a small constellation, Lyra's cabled 8-ply construction gives it a loftiness that feels fantastic, and the strength to used for anything from socks to sweaters.
Fiber Content:100% Superwash Merino; 8-ply
Weight: Sport; Each skein is approximately 3.5oz/100g, and the yarn contains approximately 270 yards per 100g

Vega (vay-ga) is a worsted version of our incredibly popular cabled 8-ply Lyra. The result of this special plying technique is a yarn that is plump and round, with great stitch definition, extra durability and — best of all — super sproingy!is beautifully spoingy yarn that's a joy to use.
Fiber Content:100% Superwash merino wool; cabled 8-ply
Weight: Worsted; Each skein is approximately 3.5oz/100g, and the yarn contains approximately 215 yards per 100g

At SpaceCadet, we passionately believe that knitting and crocheting make people happier deep down inside and that nothing does that more than working with gorgeous, vibrant yarn. For us, dyeing is a cosmic adventure -- a wonderful process of mixing each shade by hand from primaries and seeing where the colour takes us. The result is yarn that is as exciting for you as it is for us. Come with us and explore the farthest reaches of SpaceCadet colour!

Very Important Stuff: All hand-dyed yarns can vary between and within dyelots and their true beauty is the individuality in every skein.  Please be sure to order enough yarn for your project, to reduce the chance of differences between your skeins.  If you'd prefer to reduce any variation in your project, we recommend alternating skeins every two rows in your project. Please remember that our photos are as accurate as possible, but the colours you see also depend on your computer monitor's settings. Where there are multiple skeins pictured, each is sold separately.