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SpaceCadet® Phone Measure Tool

Sold out.

"Where's my tape measure?!?"

"...Has anyone seen my tape measure?"

"...Um... do you maybe have a ruler?"

We all have the same problem!  You have a million tape measures in your house but you can never find one when you need one, right?

But here's the thing: you always have your phone nearby!  So why not have a measure right there on your phone?  Stick our handy Phone Measure on the back of our phone, and you can quickly check your project or swatch up to 4"/10cm... without ever having to find that pesky tape measure again!

Our Phone Measure is approximately 4" x 2", with handy rulers in both inches and centimeters running down each side.  Simply affix it to back of a clean phone/case (or tablet, Kindle, or similar) and use it whenever you need to take a quick measurement of your project or swatch.

Please note: because of limitations of the production process, individual tools may be cut slightly smaller than 4"/10cm.

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