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SpaceMonster Exclusive Colourway October 2023

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This colourway is exclusive to current members of the SpaceMonster Mega Yarn Club. If you're are not in the club, please do not order this yarn. But do feel free to order other colourways from the SpaceCadet shop!

The Colourway:

Three beautiful options

  • Ethereal (the painterly variegated colourway in your parcel)
  • Veiled (a semi-solid coordinating colourway)
  • Gossamer (a graphically coordinating colourway)

A few weeks ago, on a crisp autumn day, I was driving across one of Pittsburgh’s many bridges and looked over my shoulder to the view of the city through the window. The sun was low in the sky, and there was a cold mist enveloping the buildings and drifting across the rivers. Every hue was soft: soft blue mist, stone-green waters, white clouds, steel-grey towers, and the lightest pink sky glow around the edges. It was at once calming, beautiful, delicate, and it felt so fleeting – like it all might fade from view at any moment. I wanted to hold onto that moment forever.

Of course, you can’t hold onto a moment like that forever but, if you’re a dyer, you can do the next best thing: interpret in yarn (which you can hold forever!). So to do that, we mixed four bowls of dye: one palest misty blue, another a gossamer sage-green, a third in a diaphanous grey, and the fourth in a veil of glowing orange-pink. Once we’d created them, we decided to add drops – just drops – of the contrasting hues to three of the bowls to mute the colour a little. And then, once they were perfect, we began to dye.

We first created a painterly skein by layering the different dyes across the skein, allowing the colours to merge and blend, and for the original woolly cream to show through in places. First we applied the blue and let it settle into the fibers, and then the green and let that settle. The orange-pink came third and the, finally, a wash of the grey. When we pulled the skeins out of the dyepots, they were just so soft and ethereal that we knew we had our main colourway. And the combination of incredibly pale hues and bulky yarn means that, I think more than any colourway we’ve ever created, each yarn took the dye entirely differently, so that every single skein is completely unique. Regardless, the result is a yarn that will recreate an almost watercolour interpretation of the soft, blended hues of the original inspiration.

Bonus: Two Coordinating Colourways!

And to create our coordinating colours, we used the same dye mixtures but in completely different ways. For our graphically variegated skeins, we submerged the yarn section by section to create clear colour blocks. And for the semi-solid, we layed the green and blue over each other across the whole skein, and then adding a soft grey shadow to lend beautiful depth of colour Use these colourways in a larger project or to work as a contrast in stripes, or colour blocks.

The Yarn:

Elara is bulky yarn with an intriguing and distinctive texture, perfect for quick knits on big needles.

Fiber Content: 100% Superwash Merino; 3-ply
Weight: Bulky; Each skein is approximately 3.5oz/100g, and the yarn contains approximately 120 yards per 100g

Ordering details:

  • Order as many skeins as you like, and we will get them in the dyepots for you! Because this is a custom process, please allow up to 4-6 weeks for your order to be ready.
  • Normally priced at $26.99, these colourways are available to SpaceMonster members for only $24
  • This yarn will be remain available to order until Dec 30 2023.
  • An important note about skein matching:  As you know, different dyelots rarely match perfectly, especially in hand-dyed yarns, and even more especially in a variegated colourway like this one. Although we will do everything in our power to replicate the yarns from first dyelot, the yarn you receive may not match perfectly. Do bear this in mind if an exact match is important to you. To minimise any visible impact when using hand-dyed yarns, we always recommend alternating skeins every couple of rows in your project. 

At SpaceCadet®, we passionately believe that knitting and crocheting make people happier deep down inside and that nothing does that more than working with gorgeous, vibrant yarn.  For us, dyeing is a cosmic adventure -- a wonderful process of mixing each shade by hand from primaries and seeing where the colour takes us.  The result is yarn that is as exciting for you as it is for us.  Come with us and explore the farthest reaches of SpaceCadet® colour!