SpaceCadet Inc

The pandemic continues to impact production and shipping times for both us and our suppliers, sometimes in unexpected ways.  While we are working hard to get orders and club shipments out the door as quickly as possible, some delays are inevitable and we so appreciate your understanding. 

Last Updated on 9 Oct 2021
Club Month Current Status

Planned Shipping Date

Mini-Skein Club Sept 2021 🚚 Shipped
Gradient Explorers Sept 2021 prepping for shipping almost there!
Yarn Alliance Sept 2021 🚚 Shipped
Mini-Skein Club Aug 2021 Shipped 🚀


Gradient Explorers Aug 2021 Shipped
SpaceMonsters Aug 2021 Shipped
Mini-Skein Club July 2021 Shipped
Gradient Explorers July 2021 Shipped 🙂
Yarn Alliance July 2021 Shipped  


As always, if you'd like a more detailed update or a tracking number, please email us -- we're always happy to help!

(These updates are for club shipments only.  If you'd like details about a specific order, just send us an email and we'll be more than happy to give you an update.)