SpaceCadet Inc

The SpaceCadet's Clubs

Join the SpaceCadet's Mini-Skein Club and every month, you'll received a fabulous bundle of pint-sized SpaceCadet fingering yarns.  Use 'em for hexipuffs, use 'em for amigurumi, or just use 'em to sample all the various SpaceCadet yarns.  Stay in you've collected enough mini-skeins for your project, and leave whenever you're ready. The InterStellar Yarn Alliance is the SpaceCadet's flagship yarn club.  Every other month, members receive SpaceCadet fingering yarn in an exclusive colourway, the SpaceCadet's Log exploring the inspiration for each colourway, and a fabulous Yarn Alliance gift.  Club subscriptions open for only two weeks in March and Sept, so make sure you're ready when they do! You love big smooshy yarns, doncha?  The SpaceMonster Mega Yarn Club is for you!  Every other month, members receive a skein of worsted or bulky yarn in an exclusive SpaceCadet colourway, with dyer's notes detailed the SpaceCadet's Log.  And -- this is the best bit -- if you love the colourway and want to make a big project, you get the exclusive opportunity to buy as many skeins as you'd like!
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Extra Skeins of Club Colourways


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