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SpaceMonsters Feb2021 Yarn, "Essential"

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This colourway is exclusive to current members of the SpaceMonster Mega Yarn Club. If you're are not in the club, please do not order this yarn. But do feel free to order other colourways from the SpaceCadet shop!

The Colourway:

Two beautiful options

  • Essential (the colourway in your parcel)
  • Perpetual (a coordinating colourway)

As winter thaws and slowly turns into spring, there seems to be water everywhere.  Here in Pittsburgh, the snow and ice melts down the hillsides, dripping with metronomic beats from the rocks or sliding in muddy flows to the streams and rivers that lie at the bottom of every ravine.  The creek that runs past the SpaceCadet studio swells and bursts its banks in an alarming fashion, dragging trees from its bank and often blocking the road for several days.

But despite the seeming destruction of the season – all mud and flooding – the element at the heart of it all is Essential.  Without this water, the Spring that we long for would never come.  The hibernating trees and flowers are ready, budding leaves just waiting to burst forth into soft greens fed by the newly warm sun and abundant water.  And as everything melts and drips and flows and floods, it is the arrival of this life-giving water that creates the seasonal change.

To dye this beautiful colourway, we started with a soft green – shades of the faded vegetation hiding under the snow, wilted by the cold, waiting to return to life – and let it absorb slowly into the skein’s fibers.  Then we mixed up a rich and deep teal-turquoise – the colour of that essential water -- and layered into onto the length of the skein so that the colour struck randomly, soaking in intense and saturated here and spreading out so it’s soft and washed-out there.  And then, as the dyebaths came up to temperature, we added a brush of rich brown to create depth and interest as you knit or crochet the skein.

Coordinating Colourway: Perpetual

For the coordinating colour, Perpetual, we mixed the same colours but allowed the soft green to take center stage, softening the other two shades so they become simple accents that will pop against a sea of this lovely soft green.

The Yarn:

For this parcel, we have a real treat -- a Guest Yarn that is rich in not one but two luxurious fibers: deliciously soft cashmere and beautifully lustrous silk!  A smooshy worsted, it will work up quickly into a snuggly and soft project that will be as lovely to wear as it is to make.  I can’t wait to see what you create with it!

Fiber Content: 70% Superwash Merino, 20% Cashmere, 10% Silk; 4-ply
Weight: Worsted; Each skein is approximately 3.5oz/100g, and the yarn contains approximately 185yards per 100g

Ordering details:

  • Order as many skeins as you like, and we will get them in the dyepots for you! Because this is a custom process, please allow up to 4-6 weeks for your order to be ready.
  • Usually priced at $36, this lovely yarn is available to SpaceMonster Club members for the special price of $32.
  • This yarn will be remain available to order for a full month from the time you receive your parcel. The listing will be marked as sold out at 12.01am (EST) on April 1 2021.
  • An important note about skein matchingAs you all know, different dyelots rarely match perfectly, especially in hand-dyed yarns. Although we will do everything in our power to replicate the yarns from first dyelot, the yarn you receive may not match perfectly. Do bear this in mind if an exact match is important to you. To minimise any visible impact when using hand-dyed yarns, we always recommend alternating skeins every couple of rows in your project. To minimise any visible impact when using hand-dyed yarns, we always recommend alternating skeins every couple of rows in your project.

At SpaceCadet®, we passionately believe that knitting and crocheting make people happier deep down inside and that nothing does that more than working with gorgeous, vibrant yarn.  For us, dyeing is a cosmic adventure -- a wonderful process of mixing each shade by hand from primaries and seeing where the colour takes us.  The result is yarn that is as exciting for you as it is for us.  Come with us and explore the farthest reaches of SpaceCadet® colour!