Mini Skein Triplets

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Mini Skein Triplets

It's time for holiday knitting! And what better way to kick it off than with a super-quick, super-fun KAL?

The sweet Mini-Skein Gathered Cowl makes a fabulous holiday gift for anyone on your list (or even… you?). With interesting gathered stitchwork and adorable button detailing, the shorter version is knit with three SpaceCadet Mini-Skeins (and the longer version with as many as you like!), giving you endless colour options!

Not in the Club? Don't fret!  These kits each include three SpaceCadet® Mini Skeins, the perfect amount needed for this cowl. The Triplets feature fingering-weight Mini Skeins, and while each Triplet may include different yarn bases, they all knit up beautifully together.

The Triplets are available for a limited time and each colour combination is unique so, if you see one you love, grab it quick!

Designer's Notes on the Mini-Skein Gathered Cowl

When I was designing this cowl, I wanted something versatile, wearable, playful, light-weight but warm... it could be worn like a regular cowl, or twisted like an infinity scarf, or cross-buttoned to lay flat under my coat, too.

But really, most of my inspiration came from the Mini-Skeins themselves. When you join the SpaceCadet’s Mini-Skein Club, it’s so tempting to hold on to minis until that perfect pattern for the whole bundle shows up, that it can get paralyzing. With so many great possibilities, it’s like a blank page or a white canvas - it’s hard to write the first word, paint the first color, cast on.
But that’s the beauty of Mini-Skeins - you can just dive in. If you think of them like yarn crayons, they can go wherever you’d like to have a pop of color. They don’t have to stay in their bundles or go in any particular order. It’s so much fun to break them open and mix them up!

So open your bundles, free your Mini-Skeins, and match them up! Make it a party, turn it into a game, swap stashes with friends. They don’t have to be a prefect ombre or even the same base - I’ve found Lucina (with sparkle) and Maia (so much shine!) play really well together, as do Celeste (light and airy) and Aurora (so soft!). What amazing combination will you find?