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Indie Untangled Everywhere Show Specials

from $29.99

Especially for Indie Untangled Everywhere, we've created these three beautiful colourways: Gather, Yearning, and Stillness.

Available for pre-order, these two lovely semi-solids and a coordinating variegated are dyed on two of our fingering bases that take the dye completely differently:

  • all three colourways are available on Maia, our 80% bamboo fingering with incredible drape and sheen
  • the variegated colourway, Stillness, is also available on Oriana, a merino-rich fingering that takes the same colourway much more intensely, to create a matte contrast to the other skeins' sheen.

The two yarns work beautifully together, so you can combine them in myriad ways: to create matte-sheen stripes, held double,

Choose one or all of them to create a beautiful, coordinated project.  These colourways are available for pre-order, and will be dyed the week of October 26 and sent out as soon as they are dry.


The Colourways:

  • Gather -- a soft, earthy brown
  • Yearning -- a beautiful autumnal green
  • Stillness -- those same browns and greens, layered over a soft robin's egg blue

The Yarns:

Maia (my-a) is simply a stunning yarn, named after the fourth brightest star in the Pleiades. Spun with bamboo for incredible sheen and beautiful drape, Maia's soft colours and "iced" appearance make it the perfect yarn for your most elegant and eye-catching.

Fiber Content: 80% Bamboo, 20% Superwash Merino; 4-ply
Weight: Fingering;  Each skein is approximately 3.5oz/100g, and the yarn contains approximately 400 yards per 100g

Oriana is an sock twist fingering yarn with 8 plies that give extra strength and durability.

Fiber Content: 90% Superwash Merino, 10% Nylon; 8-ply
Weight: Fingering;  Each skein is approximately 3.5oz/100g, and the yarn contains approximately 420 yards per 100g

 At SpaceCadet®, we passionately believe that knitting and crocheting make people happier deep down inside and that nothing does that more than working with gorgeous, vibrant yarn. For us, dyeing is a cosmic adventure -- a wonderful process of mixing each shade by hand from primaries and seeing where the colour takes us. The result is yarn that is as exciting for you as it is for us. Come with us and explore the farthest reaches of SpaceCadet® colour!